Hans Häge - from the Lausbub to the ambitious cook

Personal data:
Name: Hans Häge
Birthday: 18.03.1983
Operation: Hotel - Gasthof zum Bad, Burghof 11, 89129 Langenau, Germany
Position: Kitchen chef

Hans Häge was born in 1983 in Langenau, Germany. After his school days and his youth at the parental inn Bad, he decided to step into the footsteps of his father at the age of 16 and become a cook too.

But easier said than done! In his training at Widmann's Löwen in Königsbronn-Zang, the young boy learns the first time that cooking is really hard work. But here, too, an important foundation of his career is laid, for Frank Widmann teaches and teaches the first basic rules of cookery. After completing the military service, Hans Häge took the next step and became Chef Saucier at the Landhaus Feckl in Ehningen (1 Michelin star, 17 points Gault Millau)

After t a very instructive time Hans Häge now moves to the Landgasthof Adler to Rosenberg (1 Michelin star, 18 points Gault Millau). Here, at Josef Bauer, in Germany's best country inn, he learns even more subtleties and tricks of cooking. Since 2007, Hans Häge has been cooking, spoiling and surprise you at the parental inn in Bad Langenau.